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Aqua Tots

For children ages 2-3 years old

  • Blowing Bubbles
  • Getting face and eyes wet
  • Kicking with kickboard (assisted)
  • Belly Float (assisted)
  • Back Float (assisted)
  • Simple pool games
**Overall goal is to get comfortable being in the water**

Beginner A

For children ages 4-5 years old

  • Front Crawl with assistance (kickboard & noodles)
  • Back Crawl with assistance (noodles)
  • Breathing Practice
  • Kicking with Kickboard (independent)
  • Entering water from the side- jumping
  • Swimming to bottom of pool to retrieve toy

Beginner B

For children ages 5-6 years old

  • Freestyle independently
  • Breathing to the side while swimming
  • Backstroke independently
  • Introduction to “diving” (sit dives)
  • Jumping into deeper water
  • Swimming to bottom of pool to retrieve toy

Beginner C

For children ages 6-8 years old

  • Longer Distances of Freestyle/Backstroke Practice – work on stroke techniques
  • Side breathing technique
  • Diving into well
  • Beginning breaststroke concepts
  • Swimming to an object in the pool to retrieve objects

Intermediate and Advanced

For swim and turn clinics

These two classes teach “advanced” strokes, diving etc. Similar to a stroke and turn clinic.

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